A Special Message from Lorraine

Lorraine before bypass surgery.

Lorraine before bypass surgery.

My Story:
Lorraine Kay Hutchinson, Psy.D.

Having been morbidly obese for nearly 25 years, I understand the pain and frustration of being trapped in a broken body.  I believed strongly that my weight issues were all my own doing, and if I just could have the will power, I could become thin again.  

I spent countless of thousands of dollars on weight loss programs, diets, and fitness regimes, including many gym memberships. I would lose the weight, but then I’d regain it and more.

I often felt I was a burden to my more slender family and that I “weighed” them down.  I saw my health decline with:

  • hypertension
  • diabetes
  • high cholesterol
  • back ache
  • knee and joint pain
  • overall fatigue
  • and many more weight-related ailments

I had become immobile and nearly totally disabled. I could not walk more than a few steps without being short of breath, and exhausted.
I knew there was only one answer for me – Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery. Once I had the weight loss surgery, the weight began to fall off. However, I was so unprepared for the emotional changes that were taking place.  

I looked in the mirror and did not recognize myself.  My adult children - after not seeing me for a year - did not know who I was.  I had to give up food, which I loved. I did not know where or how to shop. I found myself emotionally spent.
But no one out there understood.  The professionals I knew were wonderful, but they did not understand the emotional issues that went along with rapid weight loss. 

Even when I spoke with adjunct professionals (psychiatrists and medical doctors) who were working with my weight loss surgery clients, even they admitted they did not understand the behavioral, emotional and relational issues associated with rapid weight loss.

Then one day I knew what direction my practice needed to take.  

I know this journey.
I am walking it every day and I can also walk it along side you.

Please give me a call.

Lorraine Kay Hutchinson 

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Do you have feelings of sadness as a result of your weight?
Has your weight caused you medical problems or you are fearful it soon will?
Are you tired of not fitting into the world?
Have you thought of some type of weight loss surgery but you just aren’t sure?
Are you concerned that when you go for your psychological evaluation your therapist just won’t get it?
Did you have surgery but find something is still not quite right?
Do you walk into a normal size clothing store and feel people are wondering what you are doing there?
Do people tell you you’ve lost a lot of weight but you just don’t see it?
Are you tired of people telling you that you have changed?
Are you just overwhelmed by it all?
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