Most Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me when I have failed with weight loss so many times?  

If you are opting for weight loss surgery, you will have a wonderful tool to help you. I will help you to use your tool correctly so that you do not fail. If you decide that surgery is not the best option, I will work and support you through the journey you choose.

But everyone says I'm taking the easy way out? 

I have two responses to this statement.  If, there was an easy way or a hard way, which makes more sense to take? However, weight loss surgery is not the easy way.  People say that because one day you are morbidly obese and the next, you are thin .  Magic?  No! It is the hard work you have put in using your surgical tool.

I need a psychological evaluation in order to be approved for surgery by my insurance.  Can you help me with that? 

Yes.  I do psychological evaluations for bariatric surgery and I then submit the written report to your surgeon.

I have had weight loss surgery but life doesn't seem to be magically better?  

Many people go into this process assuming once they have surgery and lose their excess weight, that life will be great.  However, food was an wonderful anesthesia and since you cannot eat to numb your pain and issues, then you have to experience these problems without food. This is the work I love to do.  I help people to get adjusted to their new bodies and help them navigate their relationships as  thin persons. Many have found that therapy after weight loss surgery helped them to deal with the myriad of post-operative issues behaviorally, emotionally, and/or relationally.

What if I'm just not sure weight loss surgery is right for me?  

Then we spend some time helping you figure this out.  Surgery is a very personal and important decision.  One should not go into it lightly.  You need not go into this procedure until you are ready.  I will help you with that.

I haven't decided on surgery yet, but I am so uncomfortable and dissatisfied with my life.  

You have to live in your body, obese or of normal weight.  I will help you to do so whether you are losing weight or not.

If my family has problems with me as a thinner person can you help us? 

Yes.  Everyone in your household is impacted by this radical change in you.  I work with individuals, couples, and families as they make these adjustments.

How long will the process of counseling take?

The initial psychological evaluation for weight loss surgery is generally done in one 90-minute to two-hour session. 

With all other issues, the time can vary from 2 months to 2 years. However, because each individual heals at their own rate, I encourage my clients to set goals and assess their progress during the counseling process.

Is your counseling limited to only weight loss surgery issues? 

No. Weight loss surgery issues encompasses all aspects of human life. People often find that after they lose weight, many other emotional and relation issues arise