It is a known fact that our mental health determines how we think and feel about the world around us.  For those struggling with obesity, the impact on mental health is often accentuated making issues with depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems feel greater.

Although you have tried for years and years to lose that unwanted weight, you've  only regained what you’ve lost and then some.  You have spent countless of dollars on eating plans, exercise programs and gyms to find your cabinets stocked with foods leftover from these programs, exercise equipment that your clothes hang on, and gym memberships that are no longer used. You have purchased smaller clothes to motivate you to lose and they hang in your closets taunting you that you have failed once again.

Enough! It’s time to find another way. 

obese african american female.jpg

You no longer want to feel like you are fat and ugly, have no will power and being judged by others based on your size.  You are tired of all of the medical problems associated with your weight.  You want to be able to get on a ride at the amusement park without fear of embarrassing your family or yourself.  You want to go to any store and be able to buy clothes and feel good in them.

A healthy attitude is essential to living a rich, vibrant life, which is why I believe the work I do at Hutchinson Counseling is so important.

My clients are better able to relate to others, as well as deal with the stress they face in their everyday lives.

At Hutchinson Counseling, I assist older adolescents and adults to develop tools to live successful, competent and fulfilling lives. Through this process, individuals and families become healthier and happier.

Healthier people strengthen our communities,
our nation, and our world.